Mapping molecular dynamics with high time-energy resolution


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  • hochgeladen 31. Mai 2023

The study of molecular dynamics remains a challenge for experimentalists and theorists. The dynamics can be extremely fast, typically covering time scales down to a few femto- seconds (10-15 sec). At the same time, molecular processes involve a large number of degrees of freedom (electronic, vibrational, rotational, spin), which are often coupled. This mixture of ultrafast time scales and large parameter space leads to a complex be- havior difficult to unravel. In order to disentangle the situation, experiments with high time and energy resolution are needed. I will discuss the possibilities to solve this prob- lem using interferometric spectroscopy methods. These techniques range from the inter- ference of wave packets similar to a double-slit experiment - up to highly nonlinear and multidimensional experiments. We apply these techniques to small, isolated molecular systems prepared in the gas phase. The minimal environmental perturbation of the mo- lecular targets provides another requirement for achieving high resolution experiments.


Lukas Bruder, Universität Freiburg

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