Supersymmetry in Light of the LHC


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  • hochgeladen 29. November 2017

The Standard Model of particle physics has been a phenomenal success since its incep-tion. Its predictions for electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions have been con-firmed by experiment again and again. But gravity not being included as well as strong evidence for dark matter in the universe, which the Standard Model can not explain, are just two of the many hints that it is not the final theory. One of the best motivated exten-sions of the Standard Model is supersymmetry, providing an elegant mathematical struc-ture to solve many of these problems, as well as the potential for a rich phenomenology.
An introduction to the concepts of supersymmetry and its motivations will be provided, followed by a discussion of searches for supersymmetry at the LHC, including the evolu-tion of experimental outcomes, techniques and guiding principles from the start of data taking up to the most recent results.

Referent/in: Dr. Frederik Rühr