Searches for Dark Matter at the Large Hadron Collieder


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  • hochgeladen 1. August 2018

There is a lot of evidence that we live in a Universe which is dominated by Dark Matter. This evidence is based on astrophysical observations, and to date there is no under-standing what this Dark Matter might be. One exciting possibility is that there is a fun-damental particle that constitutes the Dark Matter, and which was created abundantly in the early Universe. At the Large Hadron Collider very high energy collisions of protons recreate energies as they existed in the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang, and it is therefore in principle able to produce Dark Matter particles. Therefore a large focus of the research programme is the search for such Dark Matter particles, and I will dis-cuss the current results from this programme and the future prospects.

Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Beate Heinemann