Neutrino Physics at the SouthPole with IceCube


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  • hochgeladen 7. August 2017

The IceCube project has transformed a cubic kilometer Antarctic ice into an incredible telescope, which allows observing the deep universe through holes in the ice. The ice is instrumented with 86 lines of 60 photomultipliers each which detect more than 100.000 neutrinos per year in the GeV to PeV energy range. Among those, a flux of high-energy cosmic neutrinos has been discovered.

I will discuss the results on astrophysical searches with IceCube neutrinos, the significance of this discovery and the future of this search. The large cosmic neutrino flux observed implies that the Universe’s energy density in high energy neutrinos is the same as that in gamma rays, suggesting that the sources are connected and that a multitude of astronomical objects await discovery.

Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Teresa Montaruli