Feinfühlig - Fan Studies and Data-driven Participatory Culture


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  • hochgeladen 31. Mai 2021

Folge 5 - Damaris Müller im Gespräch mit Nicolle Lamerichs

Das Institutskolloquium für die Ohren am Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie.

Fan studies define media fandom as an active and emotional audience, and fans as hardcore users of new technologies. As such, they contribute to the understanding of our digitalized everyday life. Taking on a network approach, the study of digital fandoms allows for a closer look on actors, media content and practices as they move between different platforms.
In conversation with Damaris Müller, Nicolle Lamerichs tells us about her research in and on this data-driven participatory culture. How do interfaces shape the way we experience things? Who monetizes user-content? How do platforms facilitate racist harassment and erasure of queer persons? Discussing those questions, we talk about new perspectives in fan studies and how increasingly complex platforms ask for different virtual ethnographies.

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Damaris Müller